Sunday, 23 March 2008

Shipyard - Irish Folly

For anyone familiar with my Space 1889/Aeronef models, you might have seen this particular model labelled as the Fenian Ram.

When I was first researching this particular project the only image I could find was a side profile, I drew a rough plan and constructed the model as detailed below, later, much later I was lucky enough to find a better photo that showed the Fenian Ram to have an arrow head bow. I therefore re-named her the Irish Folly and later constructed a model of the Fenian Ram mk II.

The model is constructed to a scale of 1/300th (or 1mm = 1foot).

These two 'work-in-progress' shots show a main hull built from balsa with the rear deck made from a plastic button. The central hull and bow are also balsa with cardboard 'cladding', paper and plastic card detail while the main gun is made from a plastic knitting needle.

The tower is made from the bottom of a plastic barrel attached to a section of knitting needle and a mast from a sanded cocktail stick. Most of the additional detail is plastic card with some 'green stuff'.

The model is painted with acrylic paints and mounted on to a Games Workshop 40mm round base. The flag was hand painted.



Robert said...

Do you game with the 1/300th scale models using Aeronef?

Tony said...

To Robert

Yes I use slightly modified Aeronef rules with some ammendments from the Captains Handbook.