Sunday, 23 March 2008

Shipyard - Glory Sled

Here are photos and a brief description of one of my 1/300th scale Space 1889/Aeronef models. Glory Sled from the Space 1889 game Sky Galleons of Mars.

The model is 'scratch built' from photos of the 1/1200th scale miniature from the original game. The first thing I did was to produce a set of rough drawings, the scale is arrived at by taking a guess at the hieght of the main bridge and all other dimensions are taken from this.

The photo above shows the main hull made from balsa wood and 'clad' in cardboard. The bridge area is a coin, wrapped with cardboard and the detail is either more cardboard or plastic card. The main gun is made from a plastic knitting needle.

This photo shows how the guessed at plan was converted in to a 3D miniature. I used acrylic paints from a wide variety of manufacturers and since the main photo was taken I have mounted the model on a 40mm Games Workshop base and added a flag.

I will try to add more 'how-I-did-it' articles later.


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