Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

This morning I visted The West Midlands Military Show or WMMS at Aldersley Leisure Village Wolverhampton. I arrived just before 10.00 - opening time, and was lucky enough to secure a parking place in the main carpark, something I had not been able to do on two previous visits.

The show was very well attended and I enjoyed about two hours walking around the hall and window-shopping with the traders as well as checking out all the exhibition and participation games.

I purchased the latest copy of No Quarter - the Privateer Press magazine (I enjoy the modelling and painting articles, but do not 'collect any factions"), a couple of old Tamiya modelling magazines, one D&D Miniature (from the CMG - a six armed ape creature), one figure from Flashing Blades (a 40mm Greek Hopolite, which I will modify for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection) and a box of 40mm figures from Graven Images that was reduced. Not a huge spend - only 20 - 25 UK pounds in total and not even a long visit, but OK for me as I had to be back for lunch.


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