Monday, 24 March 2008

Flash Gordon - Hawkmen part one

I have been collecting 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures for over three years, mainly inspired by the Flash Gordon figures from Graven Images, however the range is limited and I have either converted or used suitable 40mm miniatures from other manufacturers.

The photos that follow show the construction of a group of Hawkmen, the chest and wings taken from a Sky Elf by Foundry and the heads and legs from the prehistoric range by Graven Images.

Sky Elf from Foundry. Note the miss-match in wing sculpts!
Warrior from Graven Images

The chest and arms from the Sky Elf and the legs and head from Graven Images

The next two photo's show the finished miniature

In every example the wings have needed to be pinned.

I have modelled three Hawkmen using the same technique, here are the first and second miniatures.

The first Hawkman undercoated

And here we have the first and second undercoated

Finally we have all three constructed and two undercoated. You can see how I have had to use 'green stuff' to blend the joins and the detail of the spear - which is from another Foundry Elves set. The figures are mounted on 40mm bases.

In part two I will include pictures of the painted miniatures and a Games Workshop WarHawk miniature.


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