Friday, 7 March 2008

Flintloque figures and themed terrain

This evening I have posted some more examples of my Flintloque figure collection and the scratch built terrain I have built to support them.

The first photo shows a scratch built house that I built some time ago. I had tried to see just how much detail I could build in to a model and based the house on another model made by the Spanish company Andreas in 1/32nd scale. The model is constructed on a foam board base and uses a wide range of materials, balsa, Das modelling clay, plastic sprue, carved stones and individual tiles made from small plastic tubes.

The figures show 'Old Nosey' consulting with his most trusted adviseres prior to a battle.

This photos shows a Spanish themed house, again constructed over foam board and covered with Das modelling clay. The window and door detail is made from matchsticks.

The figures show a young officer arguing with a cook that is a modified Obidiah and based on the cook from the TV series Gormengast. I had intended to model a whole host of characters from the series, but to date have only completed three.

The building (only partly shown) is a well housing based on a Hovels resin building, but in this case made from blue foam. The detail being first drawn, then carved and finally textured before being sealed with PVA glue and painted.

The figures are some of my favourite Flintloque figures - the Highland Rats, which were a real joy to paint.

This photo shows the reverse of the Spanish house seen above, window detail from balsa and match sticks. The wagon in the forground is a scratch built wagon with spare wheels and the cover from a pencil sharpener model of a wagon. It has a full load of equipments and is pulled by a horse picked up in a cake decorating shop.

The final building in this set is a barn - based on many GW barn models seen in White Dwarf and at GW stores. It is constructed from balsa over a foam board core with clay tiles from a church model.

The figures show Lawrance leading a group of 60th rifles.

Each of the photos above and those of the Steam Tanks or Dampfpanzerwagons are photographed on my green flocked wargaming board, that is made from three sheets of white foam (ex-packing case material), with a wooden beading surround and covered in paper (manilla envelopes) and PVA glue before being painted and flocked with railway scatter material. The board is over five years old and allthough I have had to repair it and add more scatter is still going strong and counters claims that white packing foam cannot be used for a wargame table!

Hopefully these photos show both my painting style (cartoon like, I know) and my modelling techniques.


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