Saturday, 2 August 2008

The first weekend of August

No finished miniatures this time, just an up-date as to progress so far this weekend. Work pressure in July was very bad and the short stints I have had modelling or painting have helped me to relax and un-wind.

I have completed a Workbench article for TMP, which I would hope would be up-loaded soon, once I have details I will post a link here.

On Saturday morning my long awaited order from the American company Lance & Laser Models Inc. arrived. They were very well packaged in a stout cardboard box, here is a photo;

For more information, please checkout;

My order consisted of - Baboons (x3), a Dragonewt Champion and a Walktapus. Each will be modelled and painted before adding to my Flash Gordon collection.



Ozvortex said...

Hi Tony,

I've been enjoying the photos of your Flash Gordon collection. Just curious - are these just for show or do you game with them? If so, what rules do you use?

Tony said...

Dear Wayne

I have used the figures in SCI FI games, three times now, two solo and one test game using rules for Fantastic Worlds from Rattrap Productions. (Initially the free download version, but I now have the full rulebook).

I would hope that I could use them more in the future, but I am not sure there is either enough time or a suitable group in the Worcestershire area of the UK. I am in discussions with some modellers/wargamers to stage a demo game next year.