Friday, 1 August 2008

The Honourable Lead Boiler suit Co. - Birmingham

I was working in central Birmingham earlier today and found time to visit the Parabelleum modelling shop Vyse Street where I spent a very enjoyable hour discussing all things wargaming and miniature related with Mark and later Richard.

I also picked up some paints, Milliput and a bargain batch of second-hand magazines - thank you Mark.

For anyone who visits Birmingham, I would suggest s visit to The Jewelery Quarter and Parabelleum, Vyse Street is a must.

Richard was kind enough to give me a sneak preview of some of the miniatures and equipment he is working on. Whenever I get too 'cocky' and think my modelling or sculpting skill is good, a visit to these two 'ACE' sculptors and painters soon brings me back down to earth. (Usually with a bump!)

While discussing sculpting the conversation moved on to Kneadite or Milliput? Mark and Richard use a cocktail of both; Mark 50-50 and Richard 33-66 Kneadite (green stuff) and basic Milliput. I intend using both mixtures to assess the benefits of both and to see if these 'super cocktails' of sculpting epoxy can turn me in to a fantastic sculptor like Mark and Richard!


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