Friday, 22 August 2008

Flash Gordon chapter two

Flash Gordon chapter two

Dale had been taken prisoner by a group of Ming’s elite troops, who are now making their way to the nearest rocketship launch pad. Dr. Zarkov and a squad of Mongo soldiers have been tracking the group through an infested marsh/wooded area.

The second scenario takes place on the outskirts of a small copse of trees, where the group led by Zarkov sees a group of Ming’s pioneer troops working on a damaged vehicle. After watching the activities from cover for a short time Zarkov has to decide how he proceeds.

The Mongo soldiers are all for attacking the pioneers and taking advantage of the element of surprise. Zarkov must maintain his authority over the group while still continuing with the search for Dale. (I would suggest some sort of random test to check the moral of the Mongo soldiers and Zarkov’s authority to see if they attack or not each turn).

Zarkov with one Mongo sergeant and four Mongo soldiers armed with either ray guns or pistols.

Six Ming’s Pioneer Troops, including Morgo, the officer, armed with either ray guns or ray pistols. But one figure is also equipped with an explosives pack to blow up the damaged vehicle. (Identify the figure in some way – a sticker to the base, possibly).

A 2 foot x 2 foot board with a crippled vehicle in the centre and trees to the East side. Additional trees, bushes or rocks can be added.

13 cards
Ace through three A major clue to the whereabouts of Dale
4 to 6 A false clue dice against BR to see if the character can identify it as a false clue.
7 to 9 The explosive charge has been set and we are now on countdown to the vehicle exploding – throw a D6 at the beginning of the turn after the pack is placed and on a 6 the vehicle will explode – this is to add some doubt to when the explosive charge will go up.
10 A group of Beastmen/Lionmen appear on the board and are hostile to all groups on the table.
Picture cards Tools or equipment needed to repair the damaged vehicle. Any one will repair part of the vehicle any two all of the vehicle.

Please note that the explosive charge is not a huge BANG, just enough to destroy the radio communications and the radar display machine, although if you wanted to have a random generated big BANG – then go ahead. Once the explosive pack is set Ming’s Pioneers will leave the board very quickly!

The scenario idea is that Zarkov can hold back the Mongo soldiers from an all out attack and find the equipment to repair the damaged vehicle (using his knowledge and skills). In addition Zarkov can disarm the explosive pack with ease provided that he is within 1 inch of the pack.

Once the vehicle is repaired – even partially, the whereabouts of Dale (and Flash) will be apparent.



The Raging Gaijin said...

I feel like I'm watching a serial. =D

Have you heard of Hydra Miniatures?

Came across their store and thought this might be of service.

Tony said...

I do know about Hydra - I'm currently having correspondence with them about a new range of 'customisable pieces' for the Legion Robot sculpts.

My initial plan was to buy a set of five Hydra robots and convert the head on chest to match the Flash Gordon (the animated series) robots. I am not sure that I could re-build the legs! I am now waiting to see what Hydra do before ordering.