Sunday, 3 August 2008

Flintloque - Large Farm House part five

"There are many times when a modelling project goes awry. This is one of those." If you study the photos below you will see that I have modelled the thatch on the wooden framed house. This was done with 'White DAS' modelling clay applied over a thin base of white PVA glue and then 'combed' with a modelling tool. So far so good!

I was now getting impatient and because I wanted to model the rest of the roof, I placed the model in the oven, the family/house electric fan oven, something that I regularly do to dry-off the 'DAS' in preparation for more modelling. This time my attention was elsewhere and I am afraid that I either left it in for too long or on too high a setting and when I opened the oven door the smell of burning plastic (from the foam board) met my nostrils. If you study the pictures you will see a great deal of deformation of the structures - the chimney has tilted to one side, the main building shape has been 'blown out' like a balloon and the end wall of the wood framed building is now bowed! I do not think that there is a surviving 90' angle on the whole model.

I was very disappointed and tried to recover the project by forcing the shape back in to the model - the chimney broke off!

It will take some effort to bring this model tutorial back on track! But it at least shows anyone trying to copy the techniques used - DO NOT TO PLACE FOAM BOARD COVERED IN DAS IN THE OVEN!



Anonymous said...

Terrible luck. You have my sympathies.

The Raging Gaijin said...

Good lesson to learn though, neh?