Sunday, 17 August 2008

Flintloque - Large Farm House part twelve

This latest batch of four photos show most of the sculpting work complete, the main structure is finished, I just have to add the doors and some textured groundwork - sand over PVA glue.

In greater detail; The base or groundwork has been built up with 'DAS' modelling clay over white PVA glue. Resin casings have been added and again built into the ground rather than standing on top of it.

Once the 'DAS' was dry I heated up the oven so it was warm, then switched off the heating element (I did not want to have a repeat of earlier mishaps) and placed the whole structure in to the oven and left it for nearly one hour - this was to ensure that the 'DAS' was fully dry before going on to the next stage.

I mixed up a tub of water and PVA glue 50-50 and painted the whole building and base - the warm 'DAS' just 'sucked' up the glue and water mixture which I hope will strengthen the sculpture prior to painting. I am not sure about this technique, but have used it on 'DAS' models before - and it seams to work.

Once this was done, I placed the house back in to the warm oven and allowed the glue and water to dry. I repeated the whole process and once I was certain the model was dry I painted the model with artists acrylic Gesso. 'White Acrylic Gesso', which is why the photos look so bright!

The base has had paving stones or flagstones added - these are 3mm thick plastic card (the softer version) which is cut to shape, sanded and once I am happy with the finished shape I hit the plastic flagstones with a real stone to give additional stone texture. 'DAS' is used to blend everything in.


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The Raging Gaijin said...

That's looks great! Looking forward to seeing the painted version.