Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Flash Gordon - chapter three

Flash Gordon chapter three

Dale had been taken prisoner by a group of Ming’s elite troops, who are now making their way to the nearest rocketship launch pad. Dale has been treated well but now notices that the soldier are uneasy and nervous, there doesn’t seem too be anything amiss, everything looks the same - but then the howling starts and in seconds the troops pick up speed and bundle Dale forward towards the West.

This particular chapter is a chase to see who can leave the western edge quicker, Ming’s troops with Dale or………

Board; Using the same 2 foot x 2 foot open terrain board as before but with trees only to the Eastern edge, the troopers and Dale emerge from the tree line and start a dash to the Western table edge, I would expect some cover (stones, shrubs etc, but no trees or heavy cover).

Four to six Ming’s troopers, one officer and Dale. Ming’s troopers are armed with either raygun rifles or raygun pistols. Dale has a hidden hat pin and her feminine charms!

Use which ever monster models you may have (Orcs, zombies, monkeys, Kroot etc) but make them fast and entering from the North and South edges. The monsters are armed as the model (WYSIWYG). Once killed have them enter again, and again, have some sort of negative morale effect on the Troopers as these monster are normally hunted by Ming and this is their opportunity to kill a few of their hated enemy.

A simple race to the table edge. One exception ‘can Dale use the attack as cover for escape?’ Dale will not be targeted by the monsters as they do not recognise her as either their enemy or food!

No encounter markers this time, although there could be a random roll to see if Flash or Dr Zarkov arrive in time to have an effect or Hawkmen arrive to help the troopers. I would envisage this particular chapter to be a perfect example of a hunt or chase to the death with the opportunity to ‘chuck on loads of mooks’. If you are still interested, keep a record of the results from all three chapters and see if they have an effect on Chapter four. Coming soon to a cinema near you.


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