Friday, 15 August 2008

Flintloque - Large Farm House part eleven

The first photo shows the Large Farm House positioned on to a piece of scrap 9mm MDF. I have drawn around the house with a black marker to help with the cutting, which was carried out with an electric jigsaw.

Photos two and three show the MDF cut and sanded to shape. I had marked 'front' and 'back' to help with positioning, but it is not really needed as the shape of the base makes this obvious. At this stage the house has yet to be glued down.

The remaining five photos show the house glued down and the start of the building-up or sculpting of the ground work.

In greater detail; The base of the Large Farm House was coated with White PVA glue which was added quite liberally. A 'sausage' of fresh 'DAS' was then positioned around the whole of the base of the structure (and even some of the internal walls, see earler posts). Then more PVA glue and the house was forced down on to the MDF base, the pressing down squeezed some 'DAS' out from the sides, but also helped to make a better join. The large amount of PVA glue should make the join between house (foamboard) and the base (MDF) very strong.

I then used a modelling tool and more 'DAS' to build up the join between house and base, this was most noticeable around the base of the taller chimney and the base of the steps.

You will also see that I have used a 'Grendel' resin casting of barrels and various clutter which was added to the rear of the outhouse. The casting was first washed, then re-modelled to fit against the flat wall and glued down with PVA glue, any gaps were filled with 'DAS'.

There is still quite a bit of detailing work still to be done, but if you study these photos you should see some of the work I have carried out since the last post - for example the windows (white plastic card - with a diamond shape embossed on to it and balsa wood frames) and some carving to represent decay and damage. I have also added a metal ring to the front of the house (made from fuse wire) and a metal brace around the taller chimney (made from aluminium foil) and inspired by the New Games Workshop plastic buildings.



Ozvortex said...

That's looking really good, Tony. For some reason only the 4th and 5th photos allow me to click on them for a close up.

PlasticSpaceman said...

The farmhouse is definately comming along quite well. Why do use such a thick base for your buildings?

Tony said...

To Plasticspaceman

The 9mm MDF was all I had available at the time, however I have used the 9mm on most of my terrain pieces, without any issues and it doesn't warp!