Friday, 1 August 2008

Flash Gordon - Swamp Monster

The Swamp Troll from Privateer Press was converted, based and painted as a Swamp Monster for my Flash Gordon collection some time ago (while checking back I realised that I had not uploaded a photo or article). The miniature was bought from The Comix Shoppe in Swansea - check it out if you are visiting Swansea, the shop has a very good collection of comics, books and miniatures. (Please Note; the miniatures are displayed upstairs and this part of the store is not always open. They also have a very good discount box, so be prepared to spend time rummaging around for bargains.)

The conversion work was all based around the crest as the original miniatures has a row of spikes. The spikes are a separate casting and so, were just not added. I sculpted the 'wavy' crest from 'green stuff' and attached it with super glue. I painted the miniature a 'muddy - coffee colour' with various acrylic paints. (If you compare the original miniature with my converted piece, you should see that I have modelled the stone/rock at the monsters feet much bigger than the original, you should also see that the stance is more 'up-right' rather than lurching forward).

The miniature is over 60mm tall (head to toe) and mounted on a 40mm round base.


PS. Since starting this Blog I have added new modelling features (such as the Large Farm House build) as well as older modelling projects. I am now getting very close to having no older features to fill these pages and most of what you will see from now on will be current or on-going features.

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