Monday, 24 May 2010

Bendy Hair Shapers - for modellers

No - this is not some sort of weird cross-posting but an example of how products intended for one use can be a source of inspiration for modellers and in this case a great help.

Photo One - Shows the Bendy Hair Shapers from Poundland, bough for just £1.00!

Photo Two - The curler taken apart, the foam rubber tubing, flexible wire and two plastic stoppers. Once cut into sections the foam rubber tubing can be cut to size to fit over paintbrushes, sculpting tools and files.

Photo Three - Three tools with their foam handles attached.

Photo Four - The Citadel Standard Brush fitted with a foam handle.

I have found that the stainless steel sculpting tools in particular were uncomfortable when used for extended periods and the foam tubing helps to relive this discomfort. At 50 years of age, I know that my fingers are not as flexible as they used to be and anything that helps must be a benefit.

I am sure there are other uses and one of the bonuses, is that the flexible wire can be used for so many modelling projects, at just one pound, there is no excuse for trying this little helper, provided you don't mind picking up curlers from Poundland!



David Drage said...

Excellent idea, I will be stopping by Poundland to pick some up in the very near future.

Thanks for that one!

Rob Alderman said...

I might pick them up!
I'm not quite arthritic yet and my joints are okay, but I do feel the strain once in a while. Especially the day after an especially long shift at Burger King!

A J said...

An excellent idea, thanks for sharing.

Phil B said...

They could also be used as flexible measuring sticks for units that are wheeling or turning.

Mark them off in 1" units and use them to mark out the exact distance and direction a unit can wheel given their movement points available.

Alfrik said...

Lovely Idea! I am one of those that do suffer joint discomfort now and will have to find the equivelent here in the states.

Alfrik said...

Just scrolled all the way down and see you suffer the same chinese spam linking my site Armored Ink does... :(

Maverick Collecting said...

Inspired, I' off to by some...

Sarah Paulus said...

Hi Tony, I want to make the bendy rollers for myself. What should I ask for when going to the hardware store, particularly the foam part?

Tony said...

To Sarah

Try asking for hair rollers or hair Shapers.

If you want just the foam, try pipe insulation tubing.

There is a similar product used for people with arthritis, try health stores, or to help young children hold a pencil, try Early Learning type stores.


Sarah Paulus said...

Thank you so much Tony, will try as suggested.