Friday, 28 May 2010

Talos the Bronze Robot - part five

I've had great fun in painting this characterful miniature, picking out the small and colourful details which add so much to this fantastic figure.

In terms of what has been painted and how - I think the pictures give a better impression than any words! I also think that without the young woman and the large metal base that came with this Salute 2010 Limited Edition set, the individual bronze man is much less threatening.

The next stage/stages - painting the base, varnishing and adding grass flock will be finished very soon, but even now I am pleased with the result. In the next set of photos, I will try to add a 40mm Graven Images figure to give a better idea of the size of this miniature.



John Lambshead said...

Dear Tony.
It looks very nice, better then mine. I am v. impressed with the 'crystals'.

BigLee said...

Looks excellent. I've not even had mine out it's packet yet, but I will tackle it soon.

Rob Alderman said...

Very nice, also, perhaps it's less imposing because of the colours used? The eyes are blue and blue isa soothing colour. For it to be more ominous, red or murky orange would have done the job. However, it wouldn't have gone well with the bronze.
I think it should be a helpful robot rather than a hateful one!

It's looking great, keep it up!