Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Talos the Bronze Robot - part four

Since the last up-date, I have painted all the non-bronze areas GW Chaos Black, the flexible left arm , waist, neck and hip control box have also been further detailed with Dark Grey and GW washes. The bronze areas have been further washed with an 'antiquing finish' called Bronze Verdigris which is intended for use on antiques. I have had this paint some time and the bottle needed a though shake prior to use. The effect is subtle, but does add to the bronze finish by giving a slight matte green to the shadows. The left pincer has also been painted Boltgun Metal, the only silver feature on the model.

As with earlier On-Line Builds, I find myself tidying up the Black areas more than normal. I have found the miniature has 'grown on me', now that the Bronze areas have been completed. I would have thought there would be some additional highlighting of the Bronze before I finish.


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John Lambshead said...

The flashing bronze - down he fell and his armour clattered about him.