Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Billy (the) Piper - finished

Billy was finished this Bank Holiday weekend, the final painting, varnishing and basing all completed. The Metallic areas have been highlighted in the same way as solid colours, the varnishing was a single coat of Ronseal Hard Glaze, and three coats of Galleria acrylic mat varnish, while the static grass is a mix of both 'normal' grass and and one grass tuft.

Photo One - Shows the finished and based miniature.

Photos Two, Three, Four and Five - Show the same finished Piper from different angles.

While the rest of these images show the different stages of painting.

On Monday afternoon, I asked my daughter (it was after all her idea, to run this comp.) to randomly choose a Blog Follower to receive the finished Billy (the) Piper miniature. I am very pleased to say that the winner is Rob Alderman, a fellow Flintloque sculptor and miniature painter. I will be contacting Rob direct to arrange delivery.

To recap, the Highland Rat Piper was purchased at the Alumwell Show back in March for just £1.00. I have enjoyed the On-Line build and look forward to others, but as this was the first Dampf's Modelling Page competition/prize draw I am satisfied that Billy will be going to someone who will enjoy it.



Rob Alderman said...

That's excellent. I really look forward to it, you must thank your daughter for me!!!

It will be cherished for an awful long time and I look forward to seeing your work in the 'flesh' so to speak.

Funny that you bought it after seeing me buy some Flintloque stuff from a trader! Didn't even know it was me!!!

I also will study it as reference for my own rat regiments which I have yet to work on. I am very glad I waited now!!!!

Cheers again mate, I'm dead happy,

The Colour Kiwi said...

Excellent work - the finished miniature looks great.