Friday, 21 May 2010

Talos the Bronze Robot - part three

Photo One - Shows the undercoated robot miniatures. I have given the model a wash of Black and Sepia from Games Workshop. This ensures that all areas of the miniature are covered, no silver bits showing through and helps to 'blend-in' the Black and Brown spray paints used in the initial undercoating.

Photos Two and Three - Detail of the first colour being applied, layers of metallic paints from GW. The first layer is a mix of Dwarf Bronze (mixed with a touch of Scorched Brown), the second is Dwarf Bronze with Shining Gold. The third is Shining Gold and when dry a wash of Sepia is applied.

At this stage of painting, the colours are roughly applied with a 'loose' drybrushing and medium brush concentrating the lighter metallic paint colours to the upper surfaces and a little more paint than a true drybrush.


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John Lambshead said...

Looks good, Tony. Very Jason and the Argonaughts