Saturday, 22 May 2010

Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves

Here is my latest Games Workshop Space Marine model, Logan Grimnar, leader of the Space Wolf chapter. I purchased the miniature some time ago from e-bay and after stripping the paint he has patiently waited in the 'to do' box until I finally got around to painting him.

Of special interest is the fact that I painted the model over a Black/White undercoat, spraying the whole figure with Games Workshop Chaos Black and when dry, spraying from above with Skull White to produce a model that was already shaded, white highlights to the top and black shadows below. The Space Wolf Blue/Grey was custom mixed as I do not like the blue of the GW Space Wolves Grey.

In addition I have highlighted a little more than I would normally - GW call it Extreme Highlights!

The model is mounted on to a metal rock base that I picked up in a second hand bin some time ago and further mounted on to a round wooden base that was originally used as the base of an ornament. The snow effect is Icing Sugar, uPVA Glue and a touch of (tube acrylic) White Paint, mixed with a little water to produce a paste and applied with a brush in three separate layers. The 'snow' takes some time to dry fully and I would not recommend it for gaming pieces being a little too fragile to be regularly handled.

The miniature is 'stock' with no added details or conversions, just a little 'green stuff' around the join of the left arm to the body. My intention is to give it to my son and a desk ornament at his work, he already has one of my Space Marines on his desk, this will offer a little variety.


I would suggest that this is one of the very best Games Workshop sculpts, full of character and a dynamic pose.


Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony,

lovely paintjob there, the base really accentuates the dynamics of the pose. Full of motion and character, well done!


Tony said...

Miniature now delivered to Gary, should be seeing action as a desk oriment within a couple of days!