Saturday, 29 May 2010

May update

Earlier this week I picked up this Graphic Novel from a remainder book stall in Birmingham city centre. Devlin Waugh by John Smith and Sean Phillips from the 2000AD comic books. For those who are new to this character (as I was) Devlin is, or was the Vatican's finest supernatural investigator, an aesthete, an athlete, wit.... and Vampire!

At just £1.00, reduced from £15.99, it is proving to be a great read, full of humour but I do sometimes wonder as to what the authors were taking when they thought up some of the story lines.

After a busy month and a change of plan, I'll be visiting Partizan 2010 this weekend. It's all been a rush with the final decision only taken on Thursday this week. This will be my first even visit to Partizan and I am looking forward to browsing the games and taking some photos.

There is also a second-hand bookfair being held in Droitwich Town Centre later today in aid of The Acorns Appeal (the same charity that Aston Villa support). If it stops raining I'll be off to check it out.

The number of Blog Followers continues to rise, currently at 90. I should be thinking about another competition but commissions are taking up most of my modelling time so this may have to wait. In recent days I have picked up some fantastic Followers from Spain and their Blogs are full of beautifully modelled and painted miniatures. I am truly in awe of the skill of these modellers.

There are a number of on-going or even finished articles and projects that due to one reason or another I am not able to post details of at this moment, but as soon as I have clearance, I will update you all with photos and a brief write-up.


Acorn Trust Book fair - five books for a pound, five Warhammer/Black Library fiction, Hardback Warhammer 40K, Hardback latest edition LOTR, Eagle Annual Number 3, an illustrated book of Greek Mythology and finally a book on Early Architecture. Total cost just £2.00.

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