Tuesday, 8 August 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - test #3

The latest test, a 1:27.7 scale (or 11mm = 1) foot narrow gauge railway skip shown alongside the custom built and painted workman - see earlier posts for more details.

Image Two - The scratch built skip made from a HO-OO brake van chassis/frame and some spare plastic card.

Image Three - The second-hand Piko brake van picked up from Tennants Trains for just 50p. I bought two, so expect a second model soon.

Image Four - The red skip body is from a Gnomy toy train set that I had in my spares box. The ends have been modified to sit on the plastic card frame but otherwise it is stock. The skip has been modelled so that it remains horizontal in transit, but can tilt on the frame if needed. Yes the skip actually works.

Image Five - The painted skip on the piece of test track which has featured in earlier posts.

The rather unusual scale of 1:27.7 or 11mm = 1 foot represents an 18 inch gauge industrial track layout using 16.5mm Peco Crazy Track more often used for O-16.5 or 7mm = 1 foot narrow gauge.

I can confirm that these simple tests are satisfying my Narrow Gauge modelling itch..... Expect more updates soon.



Heisler said...

I certainly like it. You are going to make me pull out and work on my On30 trains. I wish I could find that Bachman 2-8-0 at a good price.

Tony said...

Hi Kris,

Have you seen this video?


18 inch gauge using 16.5mm HO-OO track and built to 1:25th scale.