Friday, 11 August 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - the Gauge/Scale thing.....

I keep getting questioned on why I am working in the obscure scale of 1:27.7. I though I would try to explain.....

Gauge is the distance between the rails, for example 2 foot or 600mm

HO-OO track is 16.5mm and Peco offer a track called Crazy Track which is modelled to look like narrow gauge track - for details see this link.

I wanted to model an 18 inch gauge prototype so 16.5mm would equate to 11mm = 1 foot or 1:27.7

Here are some examples of other modelling Gauge/Scale combinations;

Name                       Gauge                   Scale  
G                              45mm                   15mm = 1 foot
GN15                       16.5mm                15mm = 1 foot
SM32                       32mm                  16mm = 1 foot
O-16.5                     16.5mm                7mm = 1 foot
ON9                         9mm                     7mm = 1 foot
HOm                        12mm                   3.5mm = 1 foot
HOe                          9mm                    3.5mm = 1 foot
009                           9mm                     4mm = 1 foot
N-6.5                        6.5mm                  2mm = 1 foot

27.7N16.5                16.5mm                11mm = 1 foot


Others include;
S                                16.5mm                 1/64th scale
5.5N16.5                   16.5mm                1/50th
ON30                        16.5mm                1/4 inch = 1 foot
3/8th (1:32nd)        16.5mm                3/8th = 1 foot

There are many more.....

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