Thursday, 3 April 2008

Shipyard - Eagle Class Rocket Sloops

The inspiration for these models came from the Space 1889 site of Mateen Greenway, see below

Construction started with a rought sketch, which was later modified as different materials became available.

The main hull is plastic strip which is used by builders to clad double glazing window sills, I was lucky enough to pick up a few scraps when my Mother-in-law had her windows replaced. I attached a sheet of plastic card to the bottow and extended the front to model the forward gun platform. The shape was first cut and then sanded until I was satisfied with the result.

Next came the bridge, plastic clad balsa, the main steam boiler, part of a pen barrel and the engine, another piece of plastic pen. The section to the rear - the propeller drive assembly is a section of propelling pencil and two curved sections of plastic rod.

The rocket out-riders are more plastic card with thin slices of plastic rod attached to the tops. The main and secondary guns are made from scrap plastic and glued with super glue. Detail is either plastic card, plastic rod or in the case of the mast a sanded cocktail stick.

Once painted, the models take on a real industrial look, that I like. The colour is overall dark grey with some of the decking painted light tan and overpainted with stripes. The whole model was then washed with Klear (Future in the US) and thinned black ink before having a light 'dry brush' and finishing off with the detail painting.

During the modelling period and later when painting, I tried to give some variation to each of the two Aeronefs, the spotlights are in different places, the funnels have different strapping and the white stripe on USS Grant helps to differentiate the two ships.

During the whole modelling and painting sequences, I had only one problem - the attachment of the fins and rudders to the rear of the hulls, in the end, lots of super glue and white PVA to strengthen the join.

Each model is 108mm long and 78mm wide. They are named USS Grant and USS Sherman. Since these pictures were taken, I have added United States Flags - 1889 versions with the stars in a circle and a clear disc for the propeller.


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