Sunday, 6 April 2008

Flash Gordon - The Cliffhanger figures

The main characters from the Cliffhanger range of 40mm figures from Graven Images - Ming, Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov

And the main troops and officers

All finished miniatures are mounted on 40mm round bases.



The Raging Gaijin said...

Dude, your site is amazing. If you ever get a hankering to post any 'How To' modeling entries, I'd be a devoted reader for sure! Hard modeling is one of the most difficult aspects of modeling I've found, yet you seem to have it down solid.
I notice you gloss your minis for protection? (Am I correct?) I do the same thing. (I'm a terrible klutz at times!) If I don't want the models to look to glossy I'll hit them with Testors Matte Coat to dull them down, but the gloss coat is what protects them. Love the stuff. :D
Keep up the great work!

Tony said...

To the raging gaijin

Thanks for the comments, if you give me an idea of the 'how to' modelling articles you would like to see, I'll try to oblige.

I do gloss varnish, but then give a coat of Artists Acrylic Matte varnish (brush on), which dulls the glossiness down a bit. I'm happy with the effcet and would rather have a gloss figure than paint rubbing off.