Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Combat car

The latest post shows one of my 'scratch built' Flash Gordon vehicles - a Combat car based on the Juggernaut from Undersea Kingdom, see;




Here you see the completed model with the 40mm Graven Images miniature of Dr. Zarkoff.

The next four photos show the finished model prior to painting. The main construction is in fact plastic card over the wheel and track assemblies of the Games Workshop Rhino Mk1 tank, a second hand Rhino was taken apart and the two track assemblies covered in plastic card and then the front, top and rear sections added. The round section to the rear of the drivers compartment is a section of clear plastic tubing from a deodorant bottle, while the fin is 3mm plastic card. The radiator grill is sections of 1mm plastic card glued together and on to another piece of plastic card, the whole assemble was then sanded to shape, a very satisfying experience!

The rivet and strapping detail is plastic card and plastic rod (cut into thin slivers and glued on individually), the gun and gun mounting are sections of a propelling pencil glued to a plastic bead.

Additional detailing is either plastic card, plastic rod or bits from the 'spares box'.

The model is very sturdy, being built on the GW Rhino, and the only real issue was painting, I had first tried to paint it silver, but it looked to 'toy like' and was repainted grey. The design on the rear fin is a roundel from a WW2 Mosquito with a seperate transfer of a lightning strike over a yellow disc from a GW transfer sheet placed on top.


Update - I have added two new pictures as posts on various yahoo sites and modelling pages commented on the colour - grey rather than silver. I thought that the first picture apeared too dark and so took some more in natural light. I hope that the combat car looks lighter in the newer posts, but also agree with some of the comments, I wish that I had left it silver!


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