Monday, 14 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Monster-in-my-Pocket part one

I have allready written about my search for suitable figures to support the Graven Images 40mm range of Flash Gordon miniatures. Here you can see two such toys from the collectable miniatures and card game called Monster-in-my-Pocket.

The first is the 'Bishop Fish' Number 47, from the Sea Monster group. The miniature was re-based on a 40mm round base and then re-painted with acrylics.

The second miniature is the 'Haniver', number 17 from the Ancients group, this time based on a 50mm round base.

The 'toy' miniatures are made from flexible plastic and allthough very strong, still need to be cleaned, undercoated with white PVA glue and based before painting.

Both miniatures are re-painted as the original colour schemes.

The 'Monster-in-my-Pocket' sets are sold attached to card packaging with either one or three miniatures to a pack. I picked mine up from a variety of stores and priced between £1.00 - £2.00 per pack.

I will post additional photos of other 'Monster-in-my-Pocket' miniatures later.


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