Sunday, 6 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Terrain Board part three

This album of photos show the finished board, taken in direct afternoon sunlight - my favourite light for photographing.

I have a number of additional photos, but the photos in part one, part two and these - part three show the main construction, painting and give a good overview of this my first skirmish board.



Leutenant Brittan said...

Hi! Just wanted to say Im loving the Flash Gordon stuff! I may have to invest in some of the 40mm scale range myself! Do you have a Prince Voltan conversion (Brian Blessed lookalike hopefully!)

Tony said...

To Leutenant Brittan.

Re; Prince Voltan

Not yet, I do have two additional Hawkmen, Officers but the Brian Blessed lookalike is still to be modelled, converted or stolen! Only joking!

Should this change, I will post photos.