Saturday, 26 April 2008

Flash Gordon - in Thailand

In 2007 my wife and I visited family who live in Bangkok, Thailand. We were over there for three weeks and during that time I had the opportunity to visit many shopping malls in search of model shops. There are very few, but what they do have are multipart collectable miniatures from Japan - a bit like 'Kinder Surprise' chocolate eggs sold in vending machines, but so many different themes.

I picked up a number of these models, usually second hand and costing no more than £1.50 each. Then once back in the UK I glued them together, re-based and painted them.

I am sure that a collector could tell you exactly what monster each of these represents, but to me they are just opponents for my 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures.

The first is a winged lizard creature that came in parts and is based on a 40mm round base. I have painted it in the same colours as the original.

The second is an armoured, giant turtle (or as I now know - a Gamera) this model came in nine parts and is based on a 60mm round base.

Others in the 'Thailand collection' include a Lizardman/Lizard Monster - see above and based on a 50mm round base and some Fantasy Samurai that I intend painting as statues!

I also picked up a number of Thai and Japanese modelling magazines, which although I cannot read, do have some fantastic picture articles, particularly Mecha and Transformer models.


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