Monday, 7 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Graven Images conversions

These photos are conversions of existing Graven Images Miniatures, or in the case of the first photo - the Tin Can Robot, a 'pre-production test piece'.

The Tin Can Robot was sculpted - or more accuratly modelled by me, it is one of my first production figures and was cast by Graven Images as a test piece. The original master was destroyed in the casting and this is a modified first metal casting. One point of note is that the original Tin Can Robot was not cylindrical but oval in cross section! This particular model was based on Dr Zatan's Robot and the tin can robot from Star Trek Voyager. The original was made from plastic tubing and knitting needles. The model is based on a 40mm round base.

These two figures are conversions of Dale and Dr. Zarkof - Prince Barin and Princess Aura.

These two Lion Men are conversions of the Graven Images Werewolves, remodelled head and mane plus a tail! These Lion Men are based on the Lion Men from Flash Gordon the animated series, where Thun does not use weapons.

Graven Images Formorians - with re-modelled weapons, a pair of clubs rather than swords. These were a joy to paint, a lot of fun!

Klytus, (from the Queen Flash Gordon film), a conversion based on Rasputin, the special edition miniature and the head from a Terry Pratchett troll miniature.

Each of the figures above are based on 40mm round bases.

Finally in this section a modified werebear, modelled and painted as a Space Bigfoot Monster. The head has been repositioned, the arms pinned and the gaps filled with green stuff.


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