Tuesday, 3 November 2009

HELLBOY - On-line painting article part three

The third post in this latest On-line build and still no real painting! The Lego blocks have been superglued on to a Games Workshop 40mm square, plastic base. A perfect fit for a display plinth such as this.

The miniature (and plinth) have been spray painted, first with Games Workshop Chaos Black and then, more lightly with Tamiya Brown. The mottled finish (brown over black) is a base that I find easier to paint over, rather than plain black.

I have had to do some 'cleaning-up', removing mould lines and flash, but overall the figure was very well cast. The miniature including plinth is 80mm tall.

Hellboy has now had his right arm attached with thick or gel-type superglue. Quite an imposing figure.

I would hope that the next post will show some actual painting, but for now I hope that you agree with me that the plain Lego block base or plinth (now finished off with a GW plastic base) is looking very good.I particularly like the way that the groundwork and base blend into one another. Simple, but as you can see very effective.


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