Friday, 6 November 2009

HELLBOY - On-line painting article part four

This illustration of a 54mm Hellboy is the colour guide I will be using. It is taken from the Spanish Magazine GameZone.

The second photo shows the skin tones, in my opinion the most important colour to get right with this particular figure. I used GW Blood Red/Vallejo Scorched Brown over Scorched Brown, then highlighted with Blood Red and finally some (very small) single stroke highlights of Vallejo Hot Orange.

I decided to paint a black vest, as seen in Hellboy II, rather than have a bare chest. I used GW Chaos Black, highlighted with Foundry Charcoal. The trunks and holster are GW Snakebite Leather with some Skull White added for highlights.

At this stage I have 'washed' the red, black and brown with suitable GW Washes, but these have been kept very light and watered-down.

Now that the right hand is attached and painted, the miniature is beginning to 'come together'


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