Monday, 16 November 2009

HELLBOY - On-line painting article part six

With the coat finished and in my now usual haphazard way I decided to paint the groundwork next! Not so silly as once the grey colour was painted I was able to detail the black feet or boots and then use GW black wash to define the sculpted details and help to add shadows around the feet, something that I try to do on all my models.

In this second photo you can see that I have done some detail painting, the left hand glove, the patch on the right shoulder etc.

I wanted the groundwork on this model to be different to my normal base colours of brown or dark brown. I think the ash waste colour and finish is a good contrast to the red of Hellboy.

I should have all the painting finished soon - it is just detail painting and tidying up, then on to varnishing and flocking.

I have even started to base Abe in the same way - using Lego building bricks, but a full report will have to wait.


It is strange that with the groundwork painted (even though the base sides still have to be tidied up) , the complete figure and base does not look as 'finished' as earlier posts!


BigLee said...

This is coming along nicely. It's been interesting reading your step by step report on this project. I look forward to seeing the finished model in all it's glory.

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