Friday, 24 September 2010

Foundry re-release 40mm ACW miniatures

Wargames Foundry have re-release their range of 40mm American Civil War Miniatures, see link

This information was included on The Miniatures Page and has received some criticism due to the price. I have a number of these miniatures (from the original or initial release) and find them superb sculpts and ideal for dioramas. These images have already been posted on this Blog, but in this instance, I would hope that I could be excused! The originals have been selling for much higher prices on e-bay and I would hope that we will now be in a position to see a whole game, hundreds of miniatures and beautiful terrain at a wargame show in the very near future

My first experiences at wargaming were with plastic Airfix ACW troops stuck to beermat bases and moving across dyed sheets with chalk roads and green felt woods as Swansea University. Although I doubt if I could recreate this image in 40mm, I am a born optimist and would hope that one day I will be able to see massed regiment s of 40mm ACW troop's on the gaming table!

Good luck with the launch.



Adrian said...

They are great figures. I ran a game at the last Gettysburg Fall In (2009) with about 200 Foundry 40mm ACW figures. It was a regimental size game with about 24 figures per regiment and about 6 regiments per side.


Tony said...

Hi Adrian,

I am very envious of your Gettysburg Falls game, it must have been a very impressive sight.