Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Notables Painting Competition - Flintloque - an update

The Alternative Armies Yahoo site The Notables have been running a painting competition which will finish on the 30th September, the rules state that the entry MUST include these miniatures (The Fencibles Militia 54031) and a regimental background or back-story.

For anyone not familiar with what I am referring to check out this Yahoo Group post by Roger Willcox, The Robbyng Hoodies The back story of this Flintloque Fencibles Regiment is possibly one of the very best regimental histories I have read.

My own entry is nearing completion, however the rules state that entries must be incognito and so I am restricted in how much I can show or say. I am sure that there are regular readers who are also entering and I wish you the very best of luck. I for one, cannot wait to see (and read) the entries.

I have tried to keep the interest going by regularly posting on The Notables (as happened on earlier Yours in a White Wine Sauce competitions) but there has been very little in the way of feedback or comment. I would hope that this is because readers are busy painting and writing their own entries!

I enjoy this type of on-line competition, it forces me to paint and in this case write. I will keep regular Blog followers updated and promise to include some work-in-progress shots of my entries once the competition has finished. Once again good luck to all who take part.


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Tony said...

The entry deadline has been extended until Monday 4th October as many Notables have needed more time to complete their entries.

I was very tempted to suggest an extension when I read that Rogipoos (Roger Wilcox) was not able to complete his entry due to hospital visits, but felt that this decision had to be taken by AA rather than the entrants.

AA have confirmed that my entry has been received.

I am pleased that 'common-sense' has prevailed and will post further details once the competition is up and running