Thursday, 16 September 2010

Quick Tips from Bryan Fosten

At Colours last weekend, I picked up a load of older magazines, in particular a batch of Modelworld which I have really enjoyed reading.

This particular tip was featured in Volume 1, Number 12 from August 1973 and I have reproduced it here as I am always looking at ways to hold work-in-progress miniatures, both during conversion and painting. I quite like the wooden holder featured towards the right of this sketch.

I have in the past tried to use various figure holders, both home-made and professional - In the main I usually revert back to a blob of Blutack on top of old or existing paint pots!

It would be interesting to read how others manage!



ADB said...

I use bluetac on the top of 35mm film canisters but I now find my hands cramp up after a couple of hours so need a wider base.

I have been toying with the idea of tongue depressors or lollypop sticks but the ones I have found to date are too thin to hold on to (standard lolly pop size)


Reinwood99 said...

These various systems look like “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”!

Seriously though, I find that the nail one works best for me. I even have a piece of cut wood with holes drilled in it, so that I may place the nails in the holes. This allows me to move from one miniature to another without removing the miniature from the nail until I’m almost finished.


Sumatran Rat Monkey said...

I white glue figures onto the tops of empty paint pots, winecorks, soda bottle caps, and anything else of similar shape.