Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Severn's Building Nottingham

These images are of The Severn's Building, a half timbered house near Nottingham Castle. This morning I decided on the spur of the moment to have a day out, I drove up to Nottingham with the intention of having a day at Warhammer World but as it turned out I had a change of plan and visited Wargames Foundry and Nottingham city centre instead.

I was disappointed with the visit to Wargames Foundry and now wish I had stuck with my initial plan of a day out at Warhammer World! The Foundry is situated just outside of the city centre and with all the windows covered with grating and the door locked, my first thought was that they were closed on a Monday! After ringing the door bell I was admitted, but felt that I was intruding and so didn't spent that long looking around. For anyone who has not visited this store/warehouse I would recommend thinking twice before spending a great deal of time travelling there, however if you are going for a specific reason or one of the open days, then this might be different from my experience. I came away not buying anything - as I was never sure what was for sale or what the prices were!

My biggest disappointment was the displays, which were very poor, I think that we are quick to criticise Games Workshop, but a day (even a couple of hours) at Warhammer World really 'blows your sock off', full as it is of truly fantastic 'eye candy'. Wargames Foundry was a let down for me and I would be surprised if I visit again. I would be interested if this was just a Monday morning bad day or if this is normal?

Before driving back I spent some time walking around the city centre and called in the Tourist Information shop, where I spotted a card backed brochure - Timber framed buildings of Nottingham. I browsed the booklet but quickly realised that most of the images were illustrations taken from 'other' books on timber framed buildings, books that I already own and so did not buy it. I did take some photos - these (see above) being some.


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Anonymous said...

Well thats one of the problems with historicals - no real understanding of the simple importance of marketing while - Games Workshop floods the market place with guady over priced merchandise that has no real value in teaching history. I have a ton of warhammer kroot that are not even worth the money I paid for them - One more reason why Games workshop produces a poor product.