Friday, 12 June 2015

An Objective Marker for Pax Bochemannica

I have started another group of 4 Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings, however I thought that this post of an Objective Marker might prove more interesting and add some variety to the Boche themed month of June.

The initial illustration was taken from a French Graphic Novel, I'm sorry but I have forgotten the title of it. The illustration shows a shield and weapons resting against a dead tree. I thought that it could be easily reproduced using a Shield from the Noman Orcs and some spare bits from my 'bits box'.

Image Two - The tree branch was cut from a MacDonald's or Burger King toy and mounted on to a 40mm metal washer. I used DAS modelling clay and Milliput epoxy putty to build up the groundwork before adding the metal shield. The Resin pot is from a set produced by Baueda. The sword from a 40mm Spartan and the resin helmet from a Fantasy Roman Dwarf - quite a mix of bits!

The groundwork has been further textured with sieved sand and small stones applied over uPVA glue.

Image Three - I have used both Black and Dark Brown paint to built up the base colour.

Image Four - The main colours have been either drybrushed on or blocked in. The shieled has been washed with Red ink (hence the gloss finish) and the Gold layered over Dark Brown and highlighted on the upper edges with a Gold/Silver mix.

Image Five - The detail painting continued with the hand-painted shield design, this was built up in layers over a Snakebite Leather base with Yellow/White highlights. The pot was painted Terracotta.

I have also picked out the vines climbing along and up the tree with Dark Green.

Image Six - After finishing the painting and varnishing I decided to add ground foam foliage to the branches. This I did by holding the ground foam with a pair of tweezers and dipping the foam in superglue before positioning it on the tree.

A Pax Bochemannica Noman Orc is positioned alongside to give an idea of the size of this piece of terrain.

Image Seven - The finished piece of terrain, this time with a Boche Halfling.

The model is based on a 40mm metal washer and is 60mm tall. I am sure that I will be able to find some game use for it but it will also act as a decorative stand or background when I photograph the miniatures from the initial box set.


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Rob Alderman said...

Very nice! This sort of thing will really make a difference on the battlefield, adding to the character of the game!