Monday, 15 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/2

The four Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings have been based on 1p coins, the bases built up with Milliput epoxy putty and the groundwork textured with sand and small stones applied over uPVA glue.

You can also see the variety of shield designs - there is a standard Pax Boche shield with the detail sanded off and a new shield boss built from plastic rod, a resin shield from a Dwarf Fantasy figure and a scratch built shield built from the top of a vase or urn.

You should also be able to notice that the second figure has had a hat added.


This figure is to be my Mickey Pearce character, for details see this Wicki entry. The hat is a from a 40mm AWI figure, cut off the donor and then sanded smooth before being glued in place with superglue and the join filled with Milliput.

Image Two - The four Boche undercoated with 'rattle-can' Black, any missed bits are touched up with Chaos Black.


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