Thursday, 25 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis from the Boxed Game

We're getting close to having a full Warband of Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings. These are the last three miniatures from the original box set to be painted and as you can see they are beauties.

Image Two - I wanted my DelBoy character to be a little different and so replaced the rather flimsy axe with a HUGE sword cut from a Sword Maiden from Celtos Games. It was an easy conversion and one, that I believe sets my DelBoy apart from all the other Boche Wellard's.

You should also be able to see how I have added a DelBoy 'D' necklace to his chest - a DelBoy trademark.

Image Three - All three Halflings are now based on 1p coins with the groundwork built up from Milliput and/or Green Stuff.

Image Four - After adding some sieved stones and fine sand to the bases, I have painted the miniatures with 'rattle-can' Black and touched up any missed areas with Chaos Black from GW.

They are now ready to be painted.....


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Rob Alderman said...

Nice stuff Tony. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.