Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Pax Boche themed month - my thoughts

It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this Blog that for the month on June I have attempted a Pax Bochemannica themed month, that is every Blog post this month has included something to do with this great game from Maveryc Games.

So what do I think I have proven?

Firstly, I have been a fan of both the game and the ideal behind the game since I first saw miniatures of the original Pax Boche game back in Harbinger (now you begin to see just how far back I go!) which had a two page feature of version one. When I read that a revised Mk II boxed game was being developed I knew I would have to have it and was lucky enough to know one of the play-testers. My game testing has never been that good and so (as the Blog relates) I volunteered to build some Halfling Boche terrain. This terrain has featured in Miniature Wargames, Halfling Roundhouses in the article Bish, Bash Boche.

I was even given a set of three Halfling Boche and three Noman Legionaries which have also featured on this Blog.

When the Pax Bochemanica - S.P.Q.Orc Game was being prepared I pre-ordered mine and when it came I was impressed by the quality of both the miniatures and the rulebook, but then other interests took over and there seemed to be some issues with distribution of the game. I am embarrassed to say that my copy of Pax Bochemannica remained in the attic, unpainted and un-loved for some considerable time.

Later, I wrote three linked gaming scenarios for Orcs in the Webbe and even built some more themed terrain, once again details can be found on this Blog or Orcs in the Webbe.

Then my interest was rekindled. I read on the Maveryc Games site that David Toone had once again started sculpting - and they were beauties. Maybe it was time to get that box out of the attic?

Even so it took some time and another prompt - this time a couple of pre-release gaming scenarios, that were e-mailed to me for review. Yes I thought, Pax Boche was back and I wanted to be involved.....

Back in May, I started planning my Boche themed Month.

27 daily Blog posts over 30 days which I hope have retained readers interest, but more importantly they have retained mine!

So what do I think?

I am pleased that the original boxed set of Halflings have now been painted, in fact I was given four 'spare' Halflings - three of which have been painted, two of them converted! I have also converted and painted the Boche Mastiffs and even the two pieces of featured terrain - The Dolmen and the Gaming Objective. But I still remain a little disappointed as all of this work has not generated the amount of feedback or comments I have hoped for, actually expected.

My daily view numbers are down from a norm of 10,000 views a month to just over 7,500 a 25% decline. Comments have been below average and although the views (and comments) on The Lead Adventure Forum have been good, I have begun to wonder if I am a lone voice?

Are there that many collectors and gamers of this great game out there? If so what do they think?

Finally. I would not expect the Noman Legionaries to be painted any time soon, other more pressing matters and even a couple of commissions will be taking pride of place for July and August, so my Pax Bochemannica month, has it proven anything, other than prompting me to paint up some long-forgotten miniatures. Yes - The game is not as well supported as I would have hoped.


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Kris Marquardt said...

Sometimes I think you just have to be satisfied with a job well done and to hell with the rest of us! While I certainly enjoyed reading your posts this month I was interested enough in the game to really comment. As always you did a great job painting these guys up it may have seemed to be a bit repetitive to continually tell you what a great job you were doing. In the end you obviously had a good time painting these and were very enthusiastic about the project so regardless of the blog numbers I would call this one a complete success!

Tony said...

Thank you Kris

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Nice warband you have gathered, Tony! I have been following your posts but haven't found the time to comment on them. The game and miniatures look nice but already have too much projects running at the moment. By the way are there plans for a wargame terrain book three? Cheers

Tony said...

"Are there plans for a wargame terrain book three?"

Not at the moment, however look out for both Blog and Magazine articles.

There should be news soon (very, very soon).


ADB said...

I've enjoyed seeing the figures and both the conversions and painting but at a loss where the game is going.

Thougt the game is still available I'm loath to purchase it as a new one is coming and add on the fact that I cannot buy figures outside of the box set for use in other games (e.g. SOBH etc) it's hard to get excited at the moment about buying into a possible dead end.

MadWelshWizard said...

Heya Tony,

It was a cracking month in my humble opinion!

As we've discussed several times over the years we don't do this for the view count, it has to be for the love of the subject matter otherwise one finds oneself aggrieved simply by posting - i.e. Why am I bothering if not many people one reads it - Am I flogging a dead Orc as it were.

What I think has made even harder in the case of your Pax Boche month is when you throw unfettered support at a game (again) and it -seems- to have no forward momentum. Orcs in the Webbe being, in the main, a Flintloque support site has suffered tremendously from this over the last few years as when there's little to no follow through or developments from a company for its own game it's really hard to drum up the effort.

However, I think Pax Boche is worth sticking with. True it's been a slower start than everyone had hoped i.e. the game didn't get released during your Feature Month and it's form doesn't look good on paper having had a few false starts over the years, however, having spoken regularly with it's creators, and even penning a thing or two myself, I think it's still a goer and a hod load of fun. It mixes Asterix style humour (with a British slant) with a robust classic wargame style ruleset.

Anyway, just my tuppence worth ;)

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe

Tony said...

Hi Craig,

I agree - we don't do it for the view count or the comments, but even so I was/am a little disappointed with the two main measurements of success.

I am not saying that I would have changed anything even knowing the view and comment count after all I eventually got my Boche based and painted and even though I say it myself, I think they look great, great sculpts, fantastic character and even the odd conversion.

Finally, I hope that the game plans and developments go ahead - I for one am looking forward to painting up the two female Halflings - Leopard skin bikini's and all!!!!!!!!!!