Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group three/3

Working on small groups of figures means that the work progresses quickly and does not become repetitive. These three Pax Bochemannica Halflings have had the bases painted, been varnished (both Gloss and Matt) and had the bases decorated with static grass and ground foam.

Image Two - The finished group - three more Halflings from the original boxed set, two archers and Trigger (with his award winning broom) see this video for details.

I'm finding that the themed month is working for me, allowing me the time to eventually paint up my Boche that have (up to now) been languishing in the polystyrene box in the attic. I hope that it is proving of interest.

I am also sculpting a couple of additional pieces of terrain. These look like they will be featured in magazine articles rather than on the Blog, keep popping back for more information.


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