Monday, 15 June 2015

Boche Themed Month - my initial thoughts

With half the month already gone, I thought it was worth including my initial thoughts as to how I think this Boche Themed Month has gone.

It should be obvious, but I really enjoy this game - or more accurately enjoy the thought of this game as up to now I have only played a single game of Pax Bochemannica, the Sticks and Stones scenario that can be found here. However I think the miniatures and background 'Fluff' is fantastic and everything I want in a fun game. The guys at Maveryc have taken this simple idea and made something very special.

The themed month has prompted me to (eventually) get around to painting the Boche Halflings and hopefully the rest of the Noman Orcs too. It may not be obvious but a number of the articles for the month were in fact written and the miniatures painted back in May. This is one of the main reasons why the content for last month was below the usual number of posts. 

I also took the opportunity to include a number of earlier posts, Pax Bochemannica posts to 'flesh out' the content for this special themed month. Expect more, In fact as I sit at my computer I have a couple more un-finished Boche Halflings looking back at me with pleading eyes, wondering when their paint jobs are going to be finished!

I would have to admit to a tinge of disappointment, as the number of Blog visits has been lower this month than normal, about 25% down on my 10,000 monthly hits while the Lead Adventure views are well up (I have also been posting shorter teasers on LAF). Maybe this will change, but even so I am committed to continue with this themed month.

Thank you to Rob Alderman, who has supplied me with a group of 4 spare Boche miniatures that will be used later in the month - stay tuned for further details.


Finally, I have included this image of a non-Pax Bochemannica model - the 200th Anniversay Monument from Alternative Armies. For full details of this very special new release go to this link.

I have already ordered a model and look forward to painting it up (maybe even re-basing it and painting it!).

Happy Anniversary


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Christian said...

Hi Tony, I've really enjoyed this month and as a fellow fan of Pax Boche (who still has a starter set of unpainted models - boo!) insist you not despair too much... It's just not for everybody :) I think this is a good thing. I fortunately stumbled across your Flintloque work which got me hooked. It's now a big part of my gaming and sculpting "life"... As a result Barkhoven and a few others have made it into the world. So maybe it's not about the quantity of hits, but what those people take away with them that matters... Just a thought!