Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Birmingham Toy Soldier Show - Oct. 25th

On Sunday 25th October 2009 there will be a Toy Soldier Show at the Clarendon Suite, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

This is not a Wargaming show, but more traditional toy soldier fair with loads of 54mm toy and collector miniatures. I intend dropping by for a couple of hours to browse the displays and see if I can pick up some 40mm figures. This will be the third time I have visited this show and each time I have come away with bargains.

For anyone not familiar with this style of show, it has thousands of plastic figures from all sorts of eras, Ancients - to modern day, fantasy to traditional toys soldiers in lead! The prices can range from a couple of pence per figure up to hundreds of pounds each.

The venue is just of Hagley Road on the way in to Birmingham from junction 3 of the M5 and very family friendly. At different times of the year the same hall houses a Wargaming/gaming show and a comic book convention.


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