Friday, 23 October 2009

Flash Gordon Orcus - part two

Continuing with the on-line build and painting of this Grenadier Orcus, I have undercoated the miniature with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray paint, touching up the bits missed with Vallejo Black acrylic paint.

In addition to the painting, I cleaned up the base prior to spray painting, scraping off some sand that had stuck to the miniatures feet and tail. I also added a small amount of 'green stuff' to the rear of the head to extend the mane of each of the heads. I am not sure this was really necessary, it extended the hair on the back of the neck about 3 or 4mm. The texture was scored-in with the end of a scalpel which had been dipped in water.

As I study the figure I see just how much very fine detail there is - for example check out the tongue on the right hand head, which is much finner than anything I could have modelled. I had thought about extending the crests on the top of the heads, but I believe that this miniature is so good, there is nothing you could do to better it, (other than a good paint job).

Not much more to add at this time - the black undercoat helps to bring out the sculpted detail and I am now looking to start painting. The plan is for a green figure, but as I research the monster this may change!


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