Thursday, 1 October 2009

Model Display at Droitwich Spa Library

Over the years I have supported my local library with displays of models. My latest exhibition shows the 40mm AWI/ACW models, from start to finish - from left to right; Illustrations and the in-progress kitchen and granary model from the Dudley Digges house, two resin cast buildings (the Guilford log cabin and Workshop) and two painted and finished casting. The open magazine article shows the Grand Manner advert from last months Wargames Illustrated.

The display is at Droitwich Spa Library, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire until the 12th of October.

It is a bit too soon to judge the reaction as the display has only been in place for a couple of days, but I feel that support (no matter how small) is much appreciated by the library staff and visitors. Some time ago I did a similar display of narrow gauge railway models, inspired by an article in Narrow Lines - the in-house magazine of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association and the reaction was fantastic. For anyone thinking of doing the same, just contact your local library of museum.

There was one other bonus - the library regularly sells off old or damaged books and audio cassettes. I picked up this 12 cassette story book by Bernard Cornwell for £1.00. A bargain, 15 hours of unabridged story for just £1.00!


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