Saturday, 24 October 2009

Flash Gordon Orcus - part three

With the miniature undercoated, I started searching the Web for colour schemes. I had already decided to paint the figure green with a brown stomach (much like the Sebeki Crocodiles from Crocodile Games), but Google searches brought up these variations.....

Of the three, I prefer the bottom scheme, from the D&D Collectible Miniatures series. A dark blue/green body with purple/pink stomach and head.

I used GW Midnight Blue and an old pot of Warzone Centurion Green, mixed on a small palette to paint the main skin colour, drybrushing the scales which are sculpted on the creatures back with a mix that contained more green. Once dry I mixed up a watered down wash using KLEAR, Dayla-Rowney Flow Enhances, Distilled Water and the Asurmen Blue Wash from Citadel. The wash was applied in three or four light coats to build up the depth of colour and 'bring-out' the detail.

This photo shows how the dark blue/green has just tinted the miniatures skin and the washes have already highlighted the sculpted skin detail.

As I stated in the first post - this is a new departure for me in the way that I display my painted models, giving much more detail as to how I approach painting my miniatures. I would hope that the descriptions give more rather too little detail, but if any reader has any questions please use the COMMENTS function.


Now that I've seen the D&D miniature and my painted Orcus on the Blog, I think I might have to repaint it a much more blue green colour!

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