Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Flash Gordon Orcus - part six

I had expected this on-line build to last longer, much longer if I'm honest, but this post (part six) takes the miniature from detail painting right through to varnished and flocked!

Photo One - Shows the miniature painted, additional highlighting to both the purple and blue/green skin tones, the teeth, tongue and eyes painted and a number of washes, the final one being a Flesh Wash to take away the stark pink tones.

Photo Two - The base painted in my 'house style' - black and scorched brown, highlighted with scorched brown and then snakebite leather/scorched brown. The stones picked out in black and grey with white highlights. Then all washed with a water-down black wash.

In my opinion finishing the base in a 'house style' (all miniature bases painted in the same style) can help to bring all the collection together, much more that what style you paint the actual miniature can.

Photo Three - As above but now varnished with Ronseal - 'it does exactly what it says on the tin' gloss varnish.

Photo Four - Matt varnished with a custom mix of Galeria Acrylic Matt Varnish and Tamiya Flat Base X-21. Two or three coats are sometimes needed.

These final photos show the figure based, painted, varnished and flocked with green static grass. The eight eyes and open mouth have been brush painted with Klear acrylic gloss varnish.

I've enjoyed recording the painting of this old Grenadier miniature much more than I thought I would. I initially started this On-line build after seeing a similar series of posts on a 1/32nd scale aircraft site and wondered if I could keep up the interest with a single figure. If nothing else it has been a fast paint-up, taking about a week from start to finish and maybe, painting one figure at a time and keeping an on-line record is the way forward for me.

The miniature is a Grenadier Miniatures Orcus - M36, bought second-hand on e-bay, it is mounted on to a 40mm round base and stands 60mm tall.



Dave Thomas said...

The static grass flocking makes the base "pop out" nicely done!

I enjoyed reading the articles, old miniatures and OOP are always nice to get back too...

Eli Arndt said...

I remember seeing this mini ages ago. Being one of those D&D kids it used to bug me that they gave him the "wrong" name.

The D&D Demon they were trying to parallel was Demogorgon.