Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Flash Gordon Orcus - part five

The colour scheme is evolving. I think I prefer this purple/grey more than the turquoise/purple! See the artwork below

The green skin has had blue added to it, with blue washes and a final drybrush of blue/green on the upper surfaces. I have also added black washes to the areas that will be purple, the heads and stomach. (It still looks very green in this photo).

The purple colour is mixed from Blood Red and Midnight Blue from Games Workshop (I don't have a ready mixed purple in my collection as this is not a colour I use that much). Adding touches of white to the mix as I highlight up to almost pink. I have then used the Citadel Purple wash to blend the highlighting and a purple/black wash to define the blue/green skin from the purple stomach and heads.

The other change is to paint the tentacles in the same purple colour - I had intended keeping these just blue/green (the same as the main skin colour). Yet another example of how my hap-hazard painting style can change the final overall scheme, sometimes without planning.

The initial colour scheme - green has changed quite considerably during the course of this on-line build, sorry paint and I am sure it will develop further before the final varnishing and flocking.

I'm pleased with progress so far - purple is not a common colour scheme for me and this is something very new in colour schemes for me to get to grips with. The purple has been the biggest challenge so far.

I can't help thinking of Rhubarb, when I look at this painted figure?


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