Sunday, 4 October 2009

Flash Gordon - Mudmen

My 100th Flash Gordon labelled post. I just wish it could have been more exciting than a fourth Mudman! This is yet another Reaper Miniatures Earth Elemental - miniature code number 02777, but with a left arm from another miniature and the right arm re-animated. The first photo shows the finished miniature, based on a 40mm round base.

Photo Two shows the modified Earth Elemental (Mudman) next to a stock miniature.

Finally we have all four Mudmen, painted and based, showing the animation I have managed to achieve from the same figure. Painting was simple 'dry-brushing' over a black undercoat, GW washes and some lichen sponged on top. As with earlier posts, I have added some patches of earth to the upper shoulders and head, with static grass to add some colour to these otherwise 'grey' miniatures.

Tony, celebrating 100 up.

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