Sunday, 18 October 2009

Molemen for Flash Gordon

A recent thread on The Lead Adventure (LAF) highlighted a set of three 28mm Malifaux Molemen by Wyrd Miniatures. See;

I have been wanting to model a group of Molemen for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection. Cliffhanger already have a group of four in 40mm scale, but I have never liked these figures, see;

My thought is to use the arms and possibly the heads from the beautifully sculpted Wyrd Miniatures Molemen and either 'scratchbuild' the bodies, or use existing 40mm scale or large 28mm scale miniatures to produce Molemen conversions. My problem is trying to find a suitable donor or group of donors figures to perform this surgery. (Please note, I'm working in 40mm - and can see these converted figures being anywhere between 36mm - 45mm!)

Has any reader suggestions as to which model or models I could use or have any further comments relating to this planned project? Comments and suggestions would be greatly welcome.

Thanks in advance, Tony

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